Are you looking to re-brand yourself or your business? Curate a new life? Do you just need an overall kick in the butt to take you to the next level and stage of your life? Is there a dream business you have always wanted to launch? Want to re-define yourself and shatter those glass ceilings? Learn how to do all of this by harnessing the power of PR for yourself and ignite the brand within. If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are ready to get down with the Golden Grenade Brigade.

We get it, you don’t have a ton of time but you need us to drop the knowledge and drop it quick (or is it drop it like it's hot?) and right now. Whether you are a brand that knows they need PR but may not have the big budgets to hire an agency or you are launching a new idea, or just need to re-brand yourself to get back out there (we all need a little re-glazing of some fabulousness and a sprinkle of sparkle at some point, honey), we have just the right thing for you.


Ready to enlist in the #BabeBrigade?



what's the deal?

You may be thinking, I am just little ol’ me, I don't need to know about PR, not true. Let us show you why EVERYONE needs to understand the power of PR. From the swimwear label to the stay at home mom that moonlights as a food blogger to the woman looking to get that raise.  There’s a reason why successful companies pay thousands and thousands of dollars to hire PR agencies to boost their brand. PR works (trust us, we are the ones behind some of your favorite brand campaigns).  If you understand the real, true power of PR you can use this in your own life whether it is branding yourself or using it to get that promotion over the person in the cubicle next to you. You have to remember, you are a brand.


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about #GGBB

The Golden Grenade Brigade is a women centric initiative for those who want to kick ass and make a name for themselves as female entrepreneurs. Period. You won’t find the woo- woo stuff here, no manifesting and wishing. We will  give you  fast and hard facts on how to use the power of PR to explode your brand, supplying you with a step by step blueprint and clear actionable items to making it happen.

Think of us as your real life leather moto jacket wearing fairy god mothers to help guide you to cultivate your passions, curate your life and to ignite and explode the brand within you.


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